View of Asses Ears from front gate of Wartook Gardens

Wartook Gardens - The Garden

Acacia denticulosaRoyce & Jeanne moved to Wartook in 1974 and from a bare paddock, have established "one of Australia's finest native gardens". They have over 1,000 species of Australian plants on display (which are among the most colorful plants in the world). Wartook Gardens is set on 70 acres, and from a bare paddock, Royce & Jeanne have developed a multi-award winning, and internationally recognized, Australian plant and exotic garden of 10 acres with over 115 bird species.

The garden contains approximately 1,000 species of Australian Plants, and includes the One of the many Hakea species at Wartook GardensOrnamental Plant Collections Association (OPCA) official Victoria Hakea Collection. The large exotic section has many roses, irises, bulbs and annuals. There are birds and flowers all year round.

Our organic vegetable gardenThe large vegetable garden provides Jeanne with lots of freshly grown vegetables and berries in season. The berry desserts are a favourite with guests.

Our guests have stated "walking around your garden is like being in an aviary".

There are also boundary plantations which also provide a wonderful food source and haven for birds. » More information...

Wartook Gardens was recently awarded "Best Mainly Australian Plant Garden for 2006"

The Grampians National Park

MacKenzie Falls - One of Victoria's largest waterfallsThe Grampians National Park, covering 167,000 hectares is one of Victoria's largest National Parks. With 600km of roads, 200km of walking trails, colourful displays of wildflowers, spectacular scenery and a wide range of opportunities for outdoor recreation. It has become a very popular tourist destination.

The Balconies - Near Reed LookoutThe National Park is home to almost one third of the State's plant species, including 26 endemic, and a large percentage of the State's animals.

Culturally it hosts 80% of the State's aboriginal art sites, with a number being readily accessible to the public. There are also a number of significant European historical sites.

Grand Canyon - Wonderland AreaWith abundant wildlife, rugged rock formations, spectacular views, waterfalls and wildflowers, the Grampians National Park can provide a great experience for the serious bushwalker, photographer, rock climber, fisherman and naturalist. There is also a great opportunity for those who just want to stroll through natural beauty, or simply relax.

The Grampians National Park is a wonderful all seasons' destination. » More information...