Wartook Gardens is an ideal base to go touring in and around the Grampians. Day trips from here can give you a very diverse range of experiences.

Royce & Jeanne are happy to provide maps and advice, and supply a picnic lunch if required. As well as these drives, Royce & Jeanne can direct you to a number of others, depending upon interest.

Some of the many roads in the Grampians

ROUTE 1 - One of the most popular tourist drives.

Wartook to Halls Gap

Wartook - Halls Gap. Take Northern Grampians Road to Zumsteins to visit the historic walk and the Zumstein Memorial Water Garden.

On to MacKenzie Falls (the largest waterfall in Victoria) and Lake Wartook (the oldest reservoir in Victoria). At Mackenzie Falls walk to the base, or view the falls from the lookout walk. Good wildflowers in the spring. Proceed to Reed Lookout for wonderful views of the Victoria Valley and Lake Wartook to the north. The best spot to get some idea of the overall size of the Park. Take the walk to the Balconies. Watch for orchids in the spring.

Boroka Lookout will give you a 180° view overlooking Halls Gap and out towards Stawell.

Great wildflowers along the roadside in early spring to early summer.

Check out the National Park Information Centre and Brambuk Aboriginal Cultural Centre before returning to Wartook Gardens.

Lake Wartook

ROUTE 2 - The Northern Grampians

Some Great Wildflowers - and some History...

The Northern Grampians

From Wartook Gardens take the Roses' Gap Road for wonderful wildflowers in the Winter/Spring. A side trip in the spring along Pohlner's Road will be very rewarding for wildflowers. History at Trooper's Creek or a climb to Tilwinda Falls or Mt Difficult. On to Roses' Gap where there is a wonderful walk, through wildflowers in the spring, to Beehive Falls. From Roses Gap take the Halls Gap Road to Heatherlie Quarry for more history, checking out the wildflowers along the way. Return via Roses' Gap towards Mt Zero, past Golton Gorge, and onto the Gulgurn Manja Shelter Car Park. This whole area can display wonderful wildflowers in the spring to early summer.

Continue to the Hollow Mountain carpark (See the Walks section for more information) and on to Mount Zero for a climb or a walk up Flat Rock to view the Taipan Wall, and the amphitheatre - the fit may wish to climb Mount Stapylton. In the late afternoon magnificent colour can be seen on the Taipan Wall before returning to Wartook Gardens.

...Or Just Relax

Have a relaxing day in the Northern Grampians. The rock formations and cliffs are much more colourful in the north than they are elsewhere in the Grampians. Visit a native plant cutflower farm, that exports all over the world.

Visit an Olive Plantation, drop into Mt Zero Olives and taste their now famous organically produced Olive Oil. Explore Mount Zero, Hollow Mountain and the aboriginal shelters. In the evening climb Flat Rock to get a shot of the magnificent Taipan Wall with the evening sun shining on the orange cliffs.

Mount Stapylton

ROUTE 3 - Southern Grampians via Halls Gap

Southern Grampians via Halls Gap

Serra Range, Mt William, Dunkeld. Proceed towards Halls Gap. From Halls Gap take the Dunkeld Road to Lake Bellfield.

Lookout over Halls Gap

Divert into Mt William Road which will take you to the Mt William Carpark. For magnificent views take the walk to the summit, the highest point in The Grampians. Continue on to Dunkeld for arts, craft and food. Take a walk at Piccaninny Gap or admire the wonderful views of Mount Sturgeon and Mount Abrupt.

You may return via Victoria Valley, or proceed to Cavendish and return via the Henty Highway to Brimpaen. The late afternoon sunlight can be quite spectacular on the Western side of the Grampians range. And return via the Brimpaen Road to Wartook Gardens.

Via the Henty Highway

Take a trip to the Southern Grampians From Wartook go across to the Henty Highway and turn south. Cherrypool provides the opportunity for some bird watching, and once past Glenisla look for the Buandik turnoff and possibly spend an hour or two visiting Manja and Billimina Aboriginal shelters before returning to the highway. This low area through the Billywing is a wonderful; wildflower area in the spring.

At Cavendish you can decide to go in one of 3 directions:

  1. Across country to Coleraine to visit the Points Reserve and Eucalyptus Discovery Centre (over 600 species of Eucalypt) and the Chocolate Factory before going back into Hamilton via Wannon and the Wannon Falls. Travel onto Dunkeld and back to Wartook via the Grampians.

  2. Continue straight down the Highway to Hamilton for lunch and a visit to the Art Gallery (well known for its ceramics). From Hamilton head for Dunkeld and back to Wartook through the Grampians.

  3. Turn left and head towards Dunkeld. You may either continue through Dunkeld or turn in to the Victoria Valley and come back to Wartook via Mirranatwa Gap and Halls Gap.

Petrol Stations

The following map indicates the locations of petrol stations in and around the Grampians. Additional petrol stations (not visible) are located in Horsham, Hamilton and Stawell.



As well as these drives, Royce & Jeanne can direct you to a number of others, depending upon interest.