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The fire came to within just 1km of Wartook Gardens. A number of wind changes (from several directions) inflicted some scary moments, but overall the moderation of winds enabled firefighters to prepare fire breaks and engage their asset protection plans succesfully. With the tremendous thanks to Volunteer Country Fire Authority's numerous brigades - at one stage 20 fire trucks and two Erikson Air Cranes and fixed wing fire-bombers were nearby. No one in the Wartook Valley Area suffered fire loss.

Erickson Air Crane Erickson Air Crane filling up with water Fires getting very close

The above photos are courtesy of one of our neighbours - the Taylors.

Asses Ears behind Wartook Gardens Walking Track up Asses Ears Clearly Visible Grasstrees Burnt But Already Regenerating
Between Wartook Gardens & Zumsteins Just South of Halls Gap Victoria Valley from Reeds Lookout
Intense Heat Melted Signs Fire near Silverband Falls Turnoff Lake Bellfield

As shown in some of the pictures above, the heat from the fire was intense. This has enabled a unique opportunity to view rock formations and other Grampians features, that have not been seen for at least 50 years. Come and visit the Grampians and enjoy this unique experience before the regrowth reclaims them.

Regenerating Eucalyptus Regeneration South of Halls Gap Bracken Fern Already Sprouted
Serra Range South of Halls Gap Previous Fire Regrowth Zumsteins Picnic Area - Not Damaged

The regrowth of the Eucalypts and other plants has already begun - less than 4 weeks after the fires.

Some areas, including the Zumsteins Picnic Area and the whole of the Northern Grampians were untouched by the fires. There are a number of wonderful walks and views that can still provide a great Grampians experience.