Serra Range - Southern Grampians

Southern Grampians

This is the largest section of the Park and takes in the dramatic peaks of the Victoria and Serra Ranges with the Victoria Valley in between.

Experience the highest peak in the Grampians, Mt William which forms part of the Mt William Range on the east side of the Grampians Tourist Road between Halls Gap and Dunkeld,which is the major service centre at the southern end of the park. Again this area is rich in flora, Aboriginal and European history and the higher rainfall, compared with the Northern section of the Park, means that the wildflowers are a little later. There are many opportunities to experience the Grampians knowing that you will see few other people.

Southern Grampians Region


The best accessible Aboriginal shelters within the Park are in the Victoria Range to the west, the Manja and Billimina shelters near Buandik. The Mount William Goldfield near Mafeking was the scene of the last gold rush in Victoria in 1900. Although the population reached 10,000 the gold soon ran out and by 1912 mining had ceased. Moora Moora was the home of one of the early stations and timber settlements.

Picnic Areas

A great chance to have a picnic in a spot where you maybe entirely on your own. An opportunity to explore a part of the Grampians you may not have seen.

Red Rock

Red Rock Picnic Area

The Picnic Area is a very quiet spot, just off the Red Rock Road, beside a large area of water, which is part of the Glenelg River. A great place for bird watching, and Glen Isla Crossing and the nearby areas have some wonderful wildflowers in the late winter and spring.

Image: Red Rock Picnic Area


Lake Bellfield

What better way to picnic than beside water where you also admire the mountains that surround you. Close to Halls Gap it is one of the easiest to visit.



Take the Billywing Rd off the Henty Highway below Glen Isla, to the Buandik picnic area. Close by 2 of the best aboriginal art sites in the Grampians, and one of the great wildflower areas- "The Billywing", it is a great place to spend some time. In winter and after rain the Buandik Falls are an added attraction.


Borough Huts

Set amidst some lovely trees in one of the moister areas of the park, it is a great place for a picnic in the hot weather. Just before the turn off to Mt William from the Grampians Tourist Road.


Ingleton Springs

A similar situation to Red Rock but with a different range of vegetation. It is situated just off the Glenelg River Road on Syphon Rd. This whole area is a great are for those interested in plants and take the time to visit.


Kalymna Falls

A picnic area in stringybark forest and tea tree on the Eastern side of the Mt W illiam Range. It is the carpark for the walk to the Kalymna Falls. Toilets also available.


Jimmy Creek

At the junction of Jimmy Creek Road and the Grampians Tourist Road, the picnic area is in an area noted for its wildflowers in the spring.


Lynchs Track

The picnic area is on the Grampians Tourist Road at the junction of Lynchs Track Great views of the Serra Range, and usually a good wildflower area in the spring and early summer.


Victoria Point

The picnic area is situated on Victoria Pont road at the southern end of the Victoria Range where the plains meet the Grampians. To the east is the Serra Range and the Victoria Valley opens up to the north east.


Victoria Valley

A picnic area on the Victoria Valley Road, close to Marney Swamp giving great views up the valley and of the mountains to the East.


The Piccaninny

The picnic area is on the Grampians Tourist Road between Mt Abrupt and The Piccaninny. Great views of the mountains and out over the plains.



A number of dramatic and strenuous walks which reward one with stunning views in all directions. The Major Mitchell Plateau is the best Alpine community walk in the Grampians and the views from the summit of Mt William, are spectacular. On these two walks be prepared for possible weather changes.

Billimina Shelter Loop

Start: Buandik Picnic Area  Time: Approx. 45 mins return
Distance: 1.7 km loop  Grade: Medium (elevation: 100m)

Follow the creek upstream to Buandik Falls (best after rain). A short uphill walk leads to Billimina shelter in a massive rock overhang.


Manja Shelter

Manja Shelter
Start: Carpark Harrop Track  Time: Approx. 1 hr return
Distance: 2.6 km loop  Grade: Easy (elevation: 100m)

An easy uphill walk across boardwalks and some steps to the shelter. The boardwalks protect the moist heathland areas. An aboriginal cultural site.

Image: Manja Shelter


The Chimney Pots

Start: Chimney Pots carpark, Glenelg River Road   Time: Approx. 3 hrs return
Distance: 2.8 km loop  Grade: Hard (elevation: 320m)

A great walk for those who want to get away from people. The walk takes you up a unique rock stack. The summit offers great panoramic views.


Mt Thackeray

Start: Victoria Range Road
(4WD & seasonally closed)
  Time: Approx. 1 hr return
Distance: 2.5 km return  Grade: Medium / Hard (elevation: 100m)

Covers a range of surfaces, through open forest, mint bush and tea-tree to the base of Mt Thackeray. The track rises over rocks to the summit. 360 degree views of the ranges and surrounding plains.


Mt William Carpark to Summit

Start: Mt William Carpark  Time: Approx. 1 hr return
Distance: 3.6 km return  Grade: Medium (elevation: 247m)

A steep 1 to 1½ hours walk up a sealed road closed to public vehicles. At 1167m Mt William is the highest point in the Grampians. Fantastic views. Be prepared for cold and windy conditions on the summit.


Mt Abrupt

Start: Mt Abrupt Carpark, Grampians Tourist Road  Time: Approx. 3 hrs return
Distance: 6.5 km return  Grade: Hard (elevation: 460m)

The initial climb is quite difficult as you zig-zag up the mountain. A strenuous hike over varying surfaces to spectacular views.


The Piccaninny

Start: Piccaninny Carpark, Grampians Tourist Road  Time: Approx. 1 hr return
Distance: 2.4 km return  Grade: Easy / Medium (elevation: 130m)

A gradual climb through open forest with an understorey of wildflowers. Great views of Mt Abrupt and Dunkeld and to the plains beyond.


Mt Sturgeon

Start: Intersection of Grampians Tourist Road and Victoria Valley Road  Time: Approx. 3 hrs return
Distance: 7 km return  Grade: Hard (elevation: 340m)

A walk that can cross a variety of surfaces. Steep sections pass through rocky terrain and stunted vegetation. Panoramic views of the surrounding ranges, Dunkeld and the plains.


Brownings Loop Walk Mafeking

Start: Mafeking Carpark  Time: Approx. 45 mins return
Distance: 2 km return  Grade: Easy (elevation: 250m)

Shortly after 1900, Mafeking catered for 10,000 miners. Today a self guided walk takes you to remaining historic features. There are many exposed mineshafts in the area - keep to the track.



Buandik Falls in the west and Kalymna Falls near Mt William are the main attractions in this section of the Park.