Our region of the Grampians has a number of wonderful walks, which enables the visitor to experience the bush, wildflowers, rock formations and contemplate spectacular views. The finest panoramas, and especially the smaller, more secluded scenes are best appreciated from the numerous walking tracks. We will give you detailed maps and information, on what to see and how to get there.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the fires which occurred in the Grampians in January 2006, a number of walks remain closed. Royce & Jeanne will be able to provide you with an update upon arrival.

Northern Grampians - A great opportunity to investigate the Northern section of the Grampians. You can take a leisurely stroll or a challenging hike to experience the wonderful colours of the Northern area. Take in aboriginal culture and study the wonderful flora. Magnificent views.

Wartook Valley - The main walks in this area are either associated with the MacKenzie River, or the tops of the ranges surrounding the Valley. Follow wonderful riverine habitat to MacKenzie Falls or experience magnificent views and dramatic vistas over large sections of the Park.

Wonderland - A very popular walking area where some of the best and most accessible rock formations may be experienced. Home of the ever popular Pinnacle Walk.

Southern Grampians - A number of dramatic and strenuous walks which reward one with stunning views in all directions. The Major Mitchell Plateau is the best Alpine community walk in the Grampians and the views from the summit of Mt William, are spectacular. On these two walks be prepared for possible weather changes.