Northern Grampians - Beehive Falls is the main attraction, and this is best after rain. After good rain there are many other smaller falls, like those at Golton Gorge, that one may discover.

Wartook Valley - The MacKenzie River in the Wartook Valley has one of Victoria's largest waterfalls - MacKenzie Falls. Although the most visited Falls in the Park, don't forget Broken Falls behind the Kiosk, and the nearby Burrong Falls on Rose Creek Road. If you do the MacKenzie River walk you will also discover Fish Falls. Tilwinda Falls, near Trooper's Creek and below Mt Difficult, is another nearby falls that is best after rain.

Wonderland - Silverband Falls and Turret Falls are the most popular, but after rain there are many other small falls and cascades that can be very attractive. Venus Baths, which is a series of rock pools should not be overlooked.

Southern Grampians - Buandik Falls in the west and Kalymna Falls near Mt William are the main attractions in this section of the Park.

There are many waterfalls in the Grampians... here are just a few. During Winter there are other falls that you may be directed to visit.

1. Golton Gorge - Northern Grampians
2. Beehive Falls - near Roses' Gap
3. Silverband Falls - Wonderland
4. MacKenzie Falls
5. Broken Falls
6. MacKenzie River

Golton Gorge - Northern Grampians
Beehive Falls - near Roses' Gap
MacKenzie River Waterfalls in the Grampians
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Broken Falls MacKenzie Falls Silverband Falls - Wonderland