Classic wines, history, scenery and adventure. The wineries of the Grampians, together with their neighbouring Pyrenees vineyards, have got it all. Enjoy an afternoon, a day or overnight stay visiting the wineries, where a warm welcome is assured. All are quite diverse with a charm of their own and offer tasting, sales and picnic grounds. Plan your days carefully, as there is so much to experience.

Winery locations close to Wartook Gardens


Great Western Wineries
1. Best's
2. Seppelt
3. Donovan Wines
4. Garden Gully

Halls Gap Winery
5. The Gap
Ararat Wineries
6. Cathcart Ridge Estate
7. Montara Winery
8. Kimbarra Wines
9. Mount Langi Ghiran

Moonambel Wineries
10. Dalwhinnie
11. Taltarni Talbot Wineries
12. Warrenmang Vineyard Resort
13. Kimbarra Wines
14. Summerfield Wines
15. Peerick
Avoca Wineries
16. Blue Pyrenees Estate
17. Mount Avoca

Sunraysia Highway Wineries
18. Redbank Winery
19. Kara Kara Vineyard

Talbot Wineries
20. Peerick: Wild Dog Track

Easy Day Trips from Wartook Gardens

The Four Great Western Wineries

Travel to Great Western via Stawell, return via the picturesque Great Western, Moyston Road then back through Pomonal. Take in lunch at a hotel, and look at the Toll Gate house at the Mechanics Institute.

The Wineries around Ararat

Depart and return via the Halls Gap - Ararat Road. Call in at The Gap Vineyard on the way. Enjoy a picnic in the Ararat Alexander Gardens or the Mount Langi Ghiran Park, visit the Ararat Art Gallery.

Full Day Tours from Wartook Gardens

Grampians Wineries

A combination of the above, take in the Great Western wineries via Stawell then on to those centred around Ararat. Return via the Ararat - Halls Gap Road calling in at Boroka on the way.

The Pyrenees Wineries

Depart Wartook Gardens via Halls Gap and Stawell to the Moonambel wineries, then to Avoca to the Blue Pyrenees Estate and Mount Avoca. Return to Halls Gap via Mount Langi Ghiran winery, before travelling on to Ararat. Alternatively from Moonambel drive up the Sunraysia Highway to Redbank and Kara Kara vineyards, returning via St Arnaud with its beautiful streetscape, to Stawell and Halls Gap.